Friends and Plebs Don’t Pay Wasabi Coinjoin Fees

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Have you met friends or fellow bitcoin users who wanted to participate in a coinjoin transaction but didn’t because of the fees? Read how our many fee exemption features can apply to […]

Time is Money: DoS (Denial of Service) Fortification and Coinjoin Time Preference

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How Coinjoin Wallets Compare on Fees

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If you want to know the details of how WabiSabi, Whirlpool and Joinmarket fee structures work, read on. We’ll define all the fees of a coinjoin transaction, the way fees are calculated for each protocol and finally, which one is better for many different user profiles. 

10 Crazy Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Through Wasabi Wallet

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You can buy anything (legal) you want through the Wasabi Wallet interface with the Buy Anything feature in partnership with ShopInBit. The argument that using coinjoin makes your coins unspendable is no longer valid.

Buy Anything with Bitcoin through Wasabi Wallet

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You may have heard that using Wasabi, especially to coinjoin, would make your bitcoin unspendable. Not only is that not true, but we’re announcing that we’re making it easier than ever to […]

What is the Difference Between a Passphrase and a Password?

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In this article, we will explain what BIP39 is, the benefits and tradeoffs of passphrases, how to properly back them up, and how they differ from regular passwords. Presents 3 New Coinjoin Wallet Reviews

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Trezor Suite, Jam and the BTCPay Server coinjoin plugin are the latest wallets available to be reviewed. was announced earlier this year by Thibaud and Gustavo as a new public resource […]

Explaining Wasabi Wallet’s Tor Implementation

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This article will define what Tor is, how Wasabi Wallet implements Tor exactly, what are the operations that require an immediate circuit update, why the coordinator doesn’t use an onion service anymore, and how Conflux could be a future solution to improve reliability.

Announcing Private Bitcoin for Enterprises with a New Coinjoin API

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Now, with a simple Coinjoin API recently announced, collaborative bitcoin transactions are accessible to anyone, including companies that want to add powerful and robust privacy features to their bitcoin products, such as wallets, brokers, custodians and more

Hunting Sats is Back at Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023

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Participate anonymously to have the chance of gaining more than $1,500 USD in bitcoin, or multiple other prizes such as 4 Coldcard MK4s, 2 Cryptosteel Capsules and bitcoin merchandise.

Unpacking Wasabi Wallet’s Power Feature: The Headless Daemon

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Think of it as your wallet but on a diet. It uses fewer resources like CPU, GPU, memory, and bandwidth, allowing you to run Wasabi Wallet unobtrusively in the background.

Wasabi’s Latest Release (2.0.4) Improves Coinjoin Efficiency

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With the 2.0.4 release, we have improved coinjoin efficiency in multiple ways so that you reach private status on all your coins faster and incur less cost. Our main goal is to even further reduce the occurrence of toxic change.