Wasabi Wallet launches WasabiGPT: a Wasabi Wallet AI integration to explore the possibilities of AI in Bitcoin UX.

The mission of Wasabi Wallet is to empower sovereign individuals to protect their financial privacy. This is achieved by providing a lightweight, zero knowledge desktop wallet. At the same time, it is important for any privacy tool to have the easiest UX, making it accessible to users. With WasabiGPT, Wasabi Wallet presents what may be the future of Bitcoin UX: an AI powered Bitcoin wallet, developed by Wieslaw Soltes, senior engineer at Wasabi Wallet.

With WasabiGPT, instead of searching through Docs and Settings, users can simply ask Wasabi Wallet whatever they’d like to know in natural language format and receive an answer directly in the Wasabi Wallet UI – from “What is my XPub” to “Explain Red Coin Isolation” – and even ask WasabiGPT to make entire Bitcoin transactions for them, without clicking a single button.

“As Technology advances, it is important for Bitcoin products to keep up with the times,” says Adam Ficsor, Co-Founder of zkSNACKs and lead maintainer of Wasabi Wallet. “In the future, we may be transacting value via brain implants. It is important for Bitcoin to remain at the cutting edge to explore possible privacy and security risks Bitcoin users may face.”

WasabiGPT is available to anyone in possession of ChatGPT access as a Testnet client. Due to the current state of AI systems, WasabiGPT offers zero privacy for users. All requests will be stored and processed externally after ChatGPTs Terms of Service. In the future as AI systems advance, it is thought possible to run a lightweight AI locally within the client, alleviating many of the privacy concerns facing AI today. Rather than being used for payments, WasabiGPT is used as a real-life research experiment. Its goal: to explore the possibilities of AI for Bitcoin UX and understand the privacy and security risks associated with using AI for bitcoin transactions. The future is already here, now it is on us to build on it.