Trezor Suite, Jam and the BTCPay Server coinjoin plugin are the latest wallets available to be reviewed. was announced earlier this year by Thibaud and Gustavo as a new public resource to discover and review bitcoin wallets with coinjoin features. Today, 3 new wallet reviews were released to help consumers discover the best bitcoin wallets for privacy. 

Trezor Suite and WabiSabi 

Trezor Suite is an easy-to-use bitcoin wallet desktop application with hardware wallet integration (Trezor T, One and Safe) and a built-in coinjoin feature using WabiSabi, the same coinjoin protocol used in Wasabi Wallet. 

One benefit is that Trezor Suite is the only wallet that allows you to coinjoin directly from a hardware wallet account, significantly increasing the security of your bitcoin. There is no need to use a hot wallet.

One limitation is that the process of coinjoining is somewhat manual. Users need to create a separate coinjoin wallet account, block filters have to be downloaded, and once the funds are deposited, a user need to manually click start to join a round.

The coinjoin integration was co-announced by Trezor and Wasabi Wallet back in April of this year. 

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Jam and JoinMarket 

Jam is a web interface for JoinMarket focusing on user-friendliness and ease-of-use. It aims to provide sensible defaults and be easy to use for beginners while still having the features advanced users expect.

One benefit is that Jam significantly improves the user experience by abstracting away the complexity of Joinmarket. Joinmarket is the most censorship-resistant coinjoin on the market due to the competitive nature of a peer-to-peer free market with many takers and makers. There is no single coordinator in Joinmarket, but each round has a central coordinator (the taker).

One limitation is that Jam is not easy to install if you don’t have a full node system such as Umbrel, Citadel, Start9, Raspiblitz, MyNode and Raspibolt. Running Jam still requires technical skills. If a user doesn’t buy the pre-built node systems, it also requires technical skills to DIY (do it yourself).

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BTCPay Coinjoin Plugin

BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source bitcoin payment processor that includes a bitcoin wallet with a WabiSabi coinjoin plugin. 

One benefit of using BTCPay Server is that it is the most censorship-resistant WabiSabi bitcoin wallet because you can browse coordinators on Nostr (uncensored social media platform) and also run your own coordinator and publish it for discoverability.

One limitation is that it’s harder to run your own BTCPay server instance than it is to install a desktop or mobile wallet application. To use the WabiSabi coinjoin plugin, you need to install it after deploying BTCPay. It’s mandatory to use coinjoin on your own instance because you need to use a hot wallet.

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