You may have heard that using Wasabi, especially to coinjoin, would make your bitcoin unspendable. Not only is that not true, but we’re announcing that we’re making it easier than ever to use your bitcoin. We’ve partnered with ShopinBit. com, Europe’s Biggest Bitcoin Store, to bring you…

The “Buy Anything” Button

What if you could buy a car directly through Wasabi and have it shipped to you? 

Now you can.  

The 2.0.5 release of Wasabi Wallet includes a “Buy Anything” button that allows you to literally buy ANYTHING (legal).

Just click on the “Buy Anything” button next to the “Send” and “Receive” buttons in your wallet to start a chat conversation with ShopinBit’s professional concierge team. 

After letting them know what you want in good detail, you’ll have to wait a few hours (24-48) for a submission. When all the details have been checked by ShopinBit’s team, they’ll give you an offer.

Your order will be confirmed once you accept it and pay the bitcoin invoice.

If the product is physical, you will need to enter your shipping address details to receive it. The shipping time depends on the product and the shipping destination, but don’t worry, you can track your order with the link provided.

“Your Order Has Been Shipped”

The timing of this release couldn’t be better. The new year is starting and Bitcoin’s price is doing well again, you can order anything you want for yourself and your dear ones directly from your favourite wallet.

Download the latest version (2.0.5) of Wasabi Wallet and start shopping now.

We Have Partnered with ShopinBit

We’d like to thank the Shopinbit team for making this possible through their Premium Concierge Service, which allows you to buy anything and get it delivered anywhere. They’re based in Poland and are Europe’s largest Bitcoin store, but they ship worldwide. 

You have a direct communication channel from your Wasabi Wallet client application to Shopinbit’s servers. zkSNACKs (Wasabi’s development company) can’t see anything exchanged on this channel and doesn’t know anything about your orders. 

To learn more about the ShopinBit company and team, click here.  

What are the Limits and the Fees?

For now, the minimum total order price is USD 1,000. There is no limit per se, but only VIP customers can place orders for more than USD 60,000. VIP customers must have at least one previous shopping experience through ShopinBit’s Concierge service.

Fees might vary depending on the order.

Update Wasabi Wallet and Buy Anything with Bitcoin Now

Other Questions You Might Have (FAQ)

  1. Can I really buy anything? 

ShopinBit’s Concierge Service does not provide any kind of drugs, prescription medications, weapons, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, financial instruments, or any type of product that is illegal in Poland. You can buy anything else. 

  1. Can I pay my rent or another invoice?

Yes, ShopinBit can pay with almost any payment method supported by Wise, Revolut, the banking system and major credit cards, so services like your rent can be paid. 

  1. Why does it take 24-48 hours to get my quote? 

All requests are handled manually by ShopinBit’s team and sometimes need to be reviewed with legal counsel. The following 4 points have to be reviewed: 

 a) That the product/service can be bought from Shopinbit;

 b) ShopinBit is allowed to sell the product to you;

 c) ShopinBit can ship the product to you;

 d) It is all legal to do so.

An offer will be issued only until these 4 points are sorted out. If it’s not possible, you will receive a friendly decline with an explanation of why.

  1. How is the bitcoin price calculated at the time of the transaction?

The offer quote is always in fiat (in USD precisely) and the final BTC amount is displayed when the user agrees to buy now. The exchange rate is reserved for 30 minutes.

  1. Will I get an invoice? 

Yes, it will be available through a download link.

  1. What about duties and taxes? 

It will depend on the source and destination of the product. If it has to cross borders, it might be subject to duties or taxes. If it can be purchased in the same country as it’s being delivered, there will be no duty taxes added to the final price.

  1. How long does it take to ship a physical product? A digital product?

There is no general answer to this question for physical products. It depends on where the product is (ShopinBit’s warehouse or third-party warehouse) and how it will be shipped to you. 

For digital products, they are shipped on the same day as payment.

  1. What is the data management policy? 

ShopinBit pseudonomizes (a.k.a. turns real personal data into generic gibberish) 30 days after completion of the order. ShopinBit is legally obligated to store invoices (with the shipping address), which are kept offline.

Remember that zkSNACKs is never aware of the data of this service, and you can delete your local data anytime.

  1.  How does zkSNACKs make money? 

Orders made through Wasabi include an affiliate code and a fair cut is given to zkSNACKs, similar to standard affiliation programs.

  1. Will I get in trouble with tax authorities because of this?

We can’t help you with tax issues, you need to know the laws of your own country. In general, if you haven’t paid taxes, you may get in trouble for not paying the taxes, not for spending your money with ShopinBit’s service.

  1. What countries are not allowed?

Iran and North Korea are not allowed. Ukraine and Russia are currently halted due to the ongoing war.

  1. Does the service include shipping to remote areas? What shipping service will be used?

ShopinBit ships anywhere, if you can pay for it. The service depends on the country. Their team has experience with difficult shipping conditions.

  1. What is the return and reimbursement policy?

After you receive your order, you have a 14-day right of return. This means that if you do not like it, you can send it back (you will have to pay for the shipping).

Cars, boats, yachts, airplanes, jewellery, custom and digital items are non-returnable

If you exercise your right of withdrawal, the USD value will be used to calculate the amount of your returned coins on the day your order arrives back at the warehouse.