On the 12th of October in Amsterdam, the third edition of Hunting Sats will take place. Participate anonymously to have the chance of gaining more than $1,500 USD in bitcoin, or multiple other prizes such as 4 Coldcard MK4s, 2 Cryptosteel Capsules and bitcoin merchandise.

Hunting Sats at Bitcoin Amsterdam is sponsored by Wasabi Wallet and 8 partners including BTCPay Server, BTCTKVR, Bull Bitcoin, Coinkite, Cryptosteel, Trezor, Vexl, and Wizardsardine. Read this article to understand how it works, why Bitcoin Amsterdam is the place to be, and to read additional information on all partners involved.

How Hunting Sats at Bitcoin Amsterdam Works

A bitcoin wallet was created and backed up with a standard 12-word recovery phrase with over $1,500 of bitcoin. All the words from the recovery phrase are hidden in the Bitcoin Amsterdam venue, as seen in the map below.

Together, these words make up the recovery seed of the wallet which is securing the prize money. Find the words, place them in the right order and get over $1,500 of bitcoin rewards. First come, first served! Placing them in the right order requires brute forcing software. 

You have all the words but can’t find the correct order? Find @thibm_ at the Bitcoin Amsterdam venue to win 4 Coldcard MK4s, 2 Cryptosteel Capsules and some Bitcoin merch. Hurry before it runs out!

For More Information, Visit HuntingSats.com 

For all the general information regarding the contest, including updates about this contest’s edition!

Additional Information on Bitcoin Amsterdam 2023

On top of hosting Hunting Sats’ latest edition, Bitcoin Amsterdam is a festival for financial freedom. If you want to learn the basics of Bitcoin or go deep, this conference will be great to push further your educational objectives. 

Don’t forget that it’s all about networking here, and you can do so talking not only about bitcoin but art and culture as well. Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities on earth. Visit huntingsats.com/amsterdam for more information. 

Official Hunting Sats Amsterdam Partners 

There are 9 partner projects and companies who each have contributed to this Hunting Sats edition along with our team at Wasabi Wallet. All partners have bitcoin-only products and care deeply about security, privacy and Bitcoin education. 

BTCPay – A self-hosted, open-source bitcoin payment processor. It’s secure, private, censorship-resistant and free. 

BTCTKVR – The home of insightful Bitcoin articles, podcasts, videos & music.

Bull Bitcoin – The World’s best non-custodial Bitcoin company. Buy, sell and pay bills with Bitcoin. Our Mission: Destroy Fiat.

Coinkite – A leader in security and hardware manufacturer. Maker of some of the most iconic Bitcoin products, such as OPENDIME, COLDCARD, BLOCKCLOCK and more.

Cryptosteel – The mother of all backups. A fireproof, shockproof and waterproof offline tool that you own to backup your bitcoin and passwords. 

Trezor – A hardware wallet providing advanced security for handling bitcoin.

Vexl – Vexl is a mobile app giving its users a simple, accessible and safe way to trade bitcoin as it was intended – peer-to-peer and without KYC. 

Wizardsardine – A team of bitcoiners with a passion for security. Our mission is to make bitcoiners sleep better at night. We focus on safety: preventing both theft and loss.