By now, you might have seen the weekly announcements for the Wasabi Research Club. To satisfy your curiosity, this is a weekly meeting, where Wasabikas discuss bitcoin privacy.

The value of collecting and connecting like minded people to each other is apparent in the popularity of social media. The bitcoin privacy ecosystem is not exactly very large. So, for this reason, a lot can be gained by having people knowledgeable and passionate about this topic congregate to discuss this and any corresponding topics. This is the motivation behind having a weekly Research Club Experience.

Initially, the Research Club meetings maintained a specific agenda. This included inviting the authors and contributors of a number of academic papers to “pick their brains” or one of the Wasabikas would give a concise presentation on a paper of the week. But things have long since changed.

While there are still meaningful discussions on bitcoin privacy, Wasabi Wallet 2.0 and the future of Wasabi Wallet, the conversations have become a bit more relaxed. Although the topics may sometimes stray a little off topic, the meetings are still very engaging. Regardless, who wouldn’t want to hear the Wasabikas’ thoughts on almost anything? Oh, and there’s no hierarchy, just a bunch of people sharing ideas.

Don’t believe me? Read about Rafe’s experience:

I‘ve learned so much from these calls. When it started, we went through many privacy related papers and it helped me to understand many concepts that I was previously struggling with: Dining Cryptographers, Knapsack, Anonymous Credentials, etc.
Special thanks to Adam, Lucas, Yuval and Max who had the patience to explain everything, even the basics; and for Aviv, who created awesome presentations that made the topics easier to digest.

I didn’t know a lot about privacy tech when we started and I still consider myself a newbie, but with the information I received, I’ve been able to do more research on my own and even help/teach other people.
As far as I know, we were able to accomplish the primary goal of these calls, which was to find a way to provide even better privacy for Bitcoin.
I’m happy to see how well Wabisabi has been going forward and to me, it sounds brilliant but there is still a lot of work to do. Nowadays, the calls rarely have an agenda like they used to in the beginning, but they are still one of the highlights of my week. I can’t even count how many stunningly good conversations we’ve had, from privacy all the way down to the meaning of life.

These calls have also been a great place for me to ask my newbie questions about the nuances of Wasabi and the tech behind it. With the things I’ve learned, I have been able to teach many of my friends about the importance of privacy and I’m proud to say that Wasabi has pretty much become a synonym for Bitcoin privacy in my circles.
It has also been a great way to get to know the people who are working on Wasabi. The open minded and public conversations, which anyone can join, are an important part of why I got interested in the project in the first place. ~ Rafe

Anyone can join these meetings and be a part of the conversation.

There’s no secret handshake, or secret code – just follow the link on any given Monday at 18:00 UTC.

For previous Wasabi Research Club episodes, check out our Youtube Channel and for everything else, click here.