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Time is Money: DoS (Denial of Service) Fortification and Coinjoin Time Preference
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As a result of months of hard work by the Wasabi and Tor developers, updated statistics from October 2023 show that the overall success rate has more than doubled since the previous year, with over 50% of new rounds and over 80% of blame rounds succeeding.

RBF and CPFP: UX Survey with Screenshots

How do you scale a blockchain? You don’t. Block space is inherently limited, and everyone making Bitcoin transactions competes for it. RBF and CPFP are some of the most prominent tools in the toolbox of a user for the block space scarcity competition.

Free Transactions from Being Stuck in the Mempool
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We’ve packed Wasabi Wallet version 2.0.4 with highly requested features and a bundle of performance optimizations that drastically speeds up wallet load time, frees transactions from getting stuck in the mempool and make life easier than ever for privacy-conscious Bitcoiners. 

Bitcoin Privacy Primer
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The following article was created as a privacy guide for Cryptosteel‘s Operational Security manual, co-authored by folks from Trezor, Bitbox and Wasabi Wallet, which is available for free to download here. You […]

What Lightning Network-Enabled Wabisabi Coinjoins Might Look Like

Read further to learn more about the details of why the Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s leading scaling solution, why payment channel openings and coinjoins go well together, how to currently open a Lightning Network channel from a Wasabi Wallet private UTXO, how Vortex presently handles the direct opening of channels from coinjoin outputs, and finally, how a future Lightning Network-enabled WabiSabi coinjoin might solve that problem.

What is the Difference Between an Anonymity Set and an Anonymity Score?

If you want to know the details of what is an anonymity set, what makes the difference between the former term and anonymity score, how to set your anonymity score target on Wasabi, and how your post-coInjoin activity can impact your anonymity, keep reading this article.

What Does the “zk” in zkSNACKS Stand For?

Understanding what the “zk” in zkSNACKs means gives you insight into the inner workings of Wasabi Wallet. Particularly, it gives you a perspective on how Wasabi wallet enables coinjoins without gaining access to your bitcoin or collecting and revealing your private financial data.

xPubs & xPrivs

xPub stands for Extended Public Key while xPrivs stands for Extended Private Key. Simply put, xPubs and xPrivs are the parent keys that can allow a wallet to mathematically produce billions of child keys that work as public keys and private keys within your wallet.

Lesser Known Features of Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is well-known for making privacy-boosting coinjoin transactions accessible to everyone, but some may not be aware of the extent of its range of customizable features that allow users to shape their own experience while using Wasabi Wallet.

How to Connect Your Hardware Wallet to Wasabi Wallet

If you’ve been thinking about changing software wallets to Wasabi, you need an updated tutorial showing you how to complete that process without taking too much time; you’ve found it.

Twitter Spaces Highlights – Toxic Change in CoinJoins

In Wasabi, you cannot really know how many inputs this user has, how many outputs did he break the amount into. And you know, all of these kinds of nuances, it makes it difficult to try to analyze Wasabi coinjoin transactions.

What are Wasabi Wallet’s Code Signature Strategies?

This article will explain how Wasabi Wallet’s three code signing strategies (Windows, MacOS, and PGP) work and how they compare in terms of user experience, trust models, cryptography, and certificate subscription/expiry.

What are the Benefits of Coinjoin?

A coinjoin is a special kind of Bitcoin transaction where two or more people’s transactions are combined, which breaks the link between transactions, improving each coinjoin participant’s privacy. When Bitcoin users have the ability to selectively reveal themselves to the world, everyone benefits.

The Best Technologies for Keeping Your Identity Secure

Internet websites and applications are full of trackers for ad and surveillance purposes. If you don’t watch out, you will quickly discover that you’ve revealed yourself to the world more than you had initially wanted.

Qualities of a Good Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin is an intricate piece of technology but bitcoin wallets for end users shouldn’t be. A wallet should be simple enough to allow you, as a user, to create a wallet, receive bitcoin and check your balances without much of a fuss.

Modern-Day Cypherpunks

Cypherpunks tend to believe in the power of cryptography and other online privacy strategies centered around combating widespread digital surveillance. For decades, cypherpunks have been designing strategies and platforms to preserve online privacy for those who recognize its importance.

Methods for the Destigmatization of Coinjoin

Not enough people understand the value proposition behind Bitcoin. If they did, then the motivation for coin mixing and coinjoin services would become much more clear. Hence, the first step to destigmatize these services would be through education.

How to use Bitcoin Privately in 3 Easy Steps: Receive, Wait and Spend.
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What if I told you that it’s gotten super easy to make Bitcoin payments without anyone being able to link them all to you?

The History of WabiSabi
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WabiSabi is a novel communication protocol for creating bitcoin coinjoin transactions with arbitrary amounts. It is a concept with roots going back to the early days of bitcoin, even the earliest beginnings of digital payments.

The Differences Between Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

All cryptocurrencies are blockchains but not all blockchains have to be used to keep track of monetary transactions

Buying Gift Cards with BTC on Paxful
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How can you gift gift cards while paying in Bitcoin? Try Paxful!

Innovating Open Source Sponsorship

zkSNACKs is a private company. Like most private companies, it generates revenue in an attempt to make a profit. But Wasabi Wallet is a free software…so how does zkSNACKs generate revenue from a product that is completely free?

Podcast Review: Designing a Privacy-Focused Bitcoin Wallet UX

Though Wasabi’s initial design was based on Nopara73’s vision of a privacy-focused bitcoin wallet , the UI has served its purpose and it’s now time for an upgrade – Wasabi Wallet 2.0.

The Necessity of Bitcoin Privacy

The right to privacy is an essential human right. Coinjoin technology being pioneered by the Wasabi team solves the Bitcoin privacy issue in beautiful ways.

Banned Transactions

The road ahead of us is still long, but with consistent usage of available privacy-preserving tools, we can get there. It just depends on all of us to keep on coinjoining so that on-chain surveillance becomes nearly impossible.

Podcast Review: The Privacy Guarantees of the Lightning Network

“Lightning is the one and only scalable solution for Bitcoin, which is non-custodial. So this is a super important property. So we want to scale Bitcoin in a non-custodial way, but also even maybe even more importantly at the end of the day, we want to preserve privacy.

The Looming Threat of CBDCs

Government control of money goes all the way down to the individual user of money. If you are able to control who spends state-issued money on what and how, then you can essentially enslave the population

The Parallel Polis Experience

Hacker’s Congress is a very niche meet-up of crypto-anarchists, privacy extremists, bitcoiners, shitcoiners and other misfits who want to change the world for the better. It focuses on hacking and societal change that spreads awareness on freedom.

Why Bitcoin Started

With the transition to fiat currency, the age of accountability ended for both, governments and the banking industry.

Why CoinJoins Are Largely Misunderstood
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The philosophy of CoinJoins is that you hide in a crowd in order to hide your face. The more people gather around you, the harder it is for the outsider to identify you. And if everyone wears the same mask, has the same hair color, height, etc…then you have an idea of what CoinJoins look like.

Privacy Guarantees Of Wasabi Wallet 2.0

Fully analyzing Wasabi 2.0 coinjoins is computationally hard and will probably be impossible for decades to come because a combinatorial complexity explosion is happening when we try to find all the sub-transactions of a Wasabi 2.0 coinjoin.

DIY Hardware Wallets, Part II:

There are two important categories of DIY hardware wallets that you can build from general-purpose electronic devices: the ones that run a ported firmware (a group of coders make a well-tested software available on more common hardware), and the ones that run original code.

DIY Hardware Wallets, Part I: Building Your Own Trezor One, Model T and BitBox02

We are living in the golden age of DIY hardware. Thanks to advancements in microprocessing and production/distribution, today we can purchase tiny yet powerful computers at surprisingly affordable prices – and then use them to perform surprisingly-complex tasks

Spending CoinJoined Coins
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Assuming that you care about privacy and have CoinJoined all your Bitcoin, let’s map out all the different ways to spend your sats without turning it into cold hard cash.

Converting CoinJoined Coins to Cash
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How can I pay my bills when earning Bitcoin? To answer this, we figure it would be best to map everything out and then compare and contrast all the various ways to convert your CoinJoined coins to fiat cash.

Setting up a COLDCARD with Wasabi Wallet
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Here’s a straight forward video on…you guessed it, setting up a COLDCARD with Wasabi Wallet. The video quickly runs through the setup process and thanks to the pause button, you will have time to read all the text.