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How Coinjoin Wallets Compare on Fees
Community Technical

If you want to know the details of how WabiSabi, Whirlpool and Joinmarket fee structures work, read on. We’ll define all the fees of a coinjoin transaction, the way fees are calculated for each protocol and finally, which one is better for many different user profiles. 

Friends and Plebs Don’t Pay Wasabi Coinjoin Fees
Beginner Product Technical

Have you met friends or fellow bitcoin users who wanted to participate in a coinjoin transaction but didn’t because of the fees? Read how our many fee exemption features can apply to […]

10 Crazy Christmas Gifts You Can Buy Through Wasabi Wallet
Beginner Community Product

You can buy anything (legal) you want through the Wasabi Wallet interface with the Buy Anything feature in partnership with ShopInBit. The argument that using coinjoin makes your coins unspendable is no longer valid.

What is the Difference Between a Passphrase and a Password?
Beginner Technical

In this article, we will explain what BIP39 is, the benefits and tradeoffs of passphrases, how to properly back them up, and how they differ from regular passwords.

Explaining Wasabi Wallet’s Tor Implementation
Product Technical

This article will define what Tor is, how Wasabi Wallet implements Tor exactly, what are the operations that require an immediate circuit update, why the coordinator doesn’t use an onion service anymore, and how Conflux could be a future solution to improve reliability.

Wasabi’s Latest Release (2.0.4) Improves Coinjoin Efficiency
Announcements Beginner Product

With the 2.0.4 release, we have improved coinjoin efficiency in multiple ways so that you reach private status on all your coins faster and incur less cost. Our main goal is to even further reduce the occurrence of toxic change. 

Turbosync: Wasabi Wallet’s Loading Time Reduced by 90%
Beginner Technical

With the 2.0.4 release, Turbosync is introduced in Wasabi Wallet to reduce the load time by up to 90%. We did this with accessibility in mind so that even low-bandwidth users can use Wasabi with little friction.

What Lightning Network-Enabled Wabisabi Coinjoins Might Look Like

Read further to learn more about the details of why the Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s leading scaling solution, why payment channel openings and coinjoins go well together, how to currently open a Lightning Network channel from a Wasabi Wallet private UTXO, how Vortex presently handles the direct opening of channels from coinjoin outputs, and finally, how a future Lightning Network-enabled WabiSabi coinjoin might solve that problem.

What is the Difference Between an Anonymity Set and an Anonymity Score?

If you want to know the details of what is an anonymity set, what makes the difference between the former term and anonymity score, how to set your anonymity score target on Wasabi, and how your post-coInjoin activity can impact your anonymity, keep reading this article.

How to Connect Your Hardware Wallet to Wasabi Wallet

If you’ve been thinking about changing software wallets to Wasabi, you need an updated tutorial showing you how to complete that process without taking too much time; you’ve found it.

What are Wasabi Wallet’s Code Signature Strategies?

This article will explain how Wasabi Wallet’s three code signing strategies (Windows, MacOS, and PGP) work and how they compare in terms of user experience, trust models, cryptography, and certificate subscription/expiry.

The Best Technologies for Keeping Your Identity Secure

Internet websites and applications are full of trackers for ad and surveillance purposes. If you don’t watch out, you will quickly discover that you’ve revealed yourself to the world more than you had initially wanted.