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Turbosync: Wasabi Wallet’s Loading Time Reduced by 90%
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With the 2.0.4 release, Turbosync is introduced in Wasabi Wallet to reduce the load time by up to 90%. We did this with accessibility in mind so that even low-bandwidth users can use Wasabi with little friction.

RBF and CPFP: UX Survey with Screenshots

How do you scale a blockchain? You don’t. Block space is inherently limited, and everyone making Bitcoin transactions competes for it. RBF and CPFP are some of the most prominent tools in the toolbox of a user for the block space scarcity competition.

xPubs & xPrivs

xPub stands for Extended Public Key while xPrivs stands for Extended Private Key. Simply put, xPubs and xPrivs are the parent keys that can allow a wallet to mathematically produce billions of child keys that work as public keys and private keys within your wallet.

The Best Technologies for Keeping Your Identity Secure

Internet websites and applications are full of trackers for ad and surveillance purposes. If you don’t watch out, you will quickly discover that you’ve revealed yourself to the world more than you had initially wanted.

How to Gift Bitcoin Privately
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Experienced Bitcoiners know how quickly the value of fiat money melts, so instead of buying your loved ones a gift card, keep them warm with the joy of hard money this winter season by giving them Bitcoin!

Wasabi Wallet
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After the previous release of Wasabi optimized Tor connectivity, new records have been set in monthly coinjoin rounds’ completed and total coinjoin volume. Now, Wasabi Wallet Version is available to continue leading the charge.

The Implications of No Privacy on the Bitcoin Network (Pt. 2)

This article should be taken as a rough outline of the hurdles Bitcoin’s privacy has to overcome over the next few years to establish itself as the global monetary standard providing the fundamental right to privacy for everyone.

The Implications of No Privacy on the Bitcoin Network
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There is a limited amount of time before the public utility borne of Satoshi’s vision is quashed by the centralization of power and wealth within and around the Bitcoin ecosystem.

How To Prevent Anonymity Degradation Over Time

Bitcoin can enable anonymous digital transactions, but it is good to understand where anonymity on Bitcoin can degrade. By understanding how anonymity can be eroded on bitcoin, one can then understand how anonymity can also be preserved.

The Differences Between Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.

All cryptocurrencies are blockchains but not all blockchains have to be used to keep track of monetary transactions

Milestone in Unlinkability

Linkability is a problem everywhere. But with the latest development in Wasabi Wallet 2.0, many things have changed and privacy given to the user through the use of its tool is far superior to the original Wasabi Wallet.

The Privacy Benefits of Taproot
Community Technical

This article, focuses on the privacy aspect of Bitcon’s soft fork. It seeks to explain how Taproot increases every user’s plausible deniability and potentially poses a threat to the blockchain analysis business.

1.11 BTC Grant: Design a Privacy Focused Lightning Network Wallet

1 BTC will be distributed during Wasabi Wallet’s Lightning Network Privacy Research Grant. We’re looking for researchers and teams of researchers to design the best possible privacy focused Lightning Network light client. One may apply with a team or individually.

Podcast Review: The Privacy Guarantees of the Lightning Network

“Lightning is the one and only scalable solution for Bitcoin, which is non-custodial. So this is a super important property. So we want to scale Bitcoin in a non-custodial way, but also even maybe even more importantly at the end of the day, we want to preserve privacy.

Sending PSBT Transactions with Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi is one of the desktop Bitcoin wallets that work with every PSBT hardware wallet. Not only that, but thanks to the Tor routing and trustless onboarding, it’s also the most private desktop wallet for your Bitcoin transaction signing device.

Why CoinJoins Are Largely Misunderstood
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The philosophy of CoinJoins is that you hide in a crowd in order to hide your face. The more people gather around you, the harder it is for the outsider to identify you. And if everyone wears the same mask, has the same hair color, height, etc…then you have an idea of what CoinJoins look like.

Privacy Guarantees Of Wasabi Wallet 2.0

Fully analyzing Wasabi 2.0 coinjoins is computationally hard and will probably be impossible for decades to come because a combinatorial complexity explosion is happening when we try to find all the sub-transactions of a Wasabi 2.0 coinjoin.